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Tying the Super Cypert Minnow

Famed Texas fly fishermen Charlie Cypert is responsible for developing many of the regions most successful fly patterns for bass and panfish. The Cypert’s Minnow is probably best known for use during the white bass spawning run where fly fishermen with sinking lines have had great success in the rivers that feed into our hill country lakes. My first use of […]

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Confirmation Crawdaddy

Good afternoon folks, once again I am AirborneAngler and I will be debriefing you on the 18-Jan confirmation patrol code named: Crawdaddy. This patrol was an ad hock event with limited daylight and unseasonably warm January weather. Getting off of work early and traversing an hour’s worth of traffic- I was working the two minute […]

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The Vice of the Vise

I was so jealous when I heard her voice call back to her parents not far away on the bank. I was calf deep in December cold water waters at Table Rock Lake, Missouri and I was jealous of 12 year old little girl. “I caught my first fish on my own fly!” she sang […]

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